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SPB energy capsules instead of energy drinks. Exact dose caffeine, tongkat ali for enhanced testosterone, velvet beans for libido, black ginger for erectile ease

An amazingly high proportion of mankind needs caffeine to get through their daily productivity schedules. Can't really blame them. In today's highly competitive world, it's not an option to just go for a siesta whenever you are tired.

For many, many people, caffeine is a necessity. It's either caffeine or mental sluggishness. On caffeine, they are competitive. And without caffeine, they lose out in the daily battle for an edge.

So, they drink coffee or tea, or energy drinks.

A downside (the first) of coffee and tea is the time needed to prepare them. For tea, it's even worse than for coffee. At least, for instant coffee, you just need hot water. But if you are driving and feeling tired, with no hot water available, a stop at a convenience shop also takes time.

The solution is to just not treat the caffeine dosages you need as food and drink.

Caffeine is a drug. Period. Supply your body with it in exactly the dosages needed, when needed, and don't overdose.

Coffee and tea in capsules is the best way. You avoid all the stuff you don't want, especially the huge amounts of sugar of energy drinks.

You avoid overdosing because coffee and tea taste so good.

And you can combine the coffee with a herbal that counterbalances the negative side effects of caffeine on sexual parameters. Yes, caffeine alone causes erectile dysfunction, interrupts testosterone, and does not let you drift off with sexual thoughts, a precondition for libido and powerful orgasms.

SPB produces sexual enhancement coffees, teas, and cocoas that give you the caffeine you need, plus an enhancement of testosterone synthesis by tongkat ali, or a libido boost through velvet beans (mucuna pruriens), or improved erectile ease from black ginger (kaempferia parviflora).

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The following combinations are available:

Tongkat ali coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Tongkat ali green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Tongkat ali cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120